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Hornady Transportation, LLC

Hornady TransportationHornady Transportation, LLC is a flatbed carrier operating east of the Rockies. Family owned and operated since 1928, we have the experience to customize services to meet your flatbed transportation needs.

Whether you require line haul, regional or dedicated services, we can coordinate and handle your business through our corporate office in Monroeville, Alabama. Our drivers and staff are geared to provide you with exceptional service. Our friendly sales and customer service staff will work with you to develop a strong, trusting partnership to enhance productivity and profitability for you and your company. Let us help you meet and exceed your transportation needs.

New 2016 Trucks & Trailers Arriving Now

New 2016 Freightliner CascadiaThe new image of Hornady is hitting the road. With the new baja beige trucks and black trailers, we are moving forward into the next generation of the fleet line. The new Freightliners will feature the DD15 engine, which provide the needed power to do the job faster and easier. “The new Freightliners are one of the most efficient and most comfortable environments for the professional driver,” stated Rick Powell, Director of Maintenance. An Amplified Common Rail Fuel System will provide the right amount of fuel at the exact time the engine requires it. A turbo compounding recovers exhaust gases and turns them into usable power. You can get up to 5% greater fuel economy with Detroit Diesel’s Bluetec SCR emissions technology.

Additional models will be rolling out in 2015. We are extremely excited about the new image they will display. We will continue to provide our drivers with the top of the line equipment and the efficient tools needed to get their job done.

Hornady Transportation Presented with Safety Award

ATA Award PresentationHornady Transportation was recognized and presented with the Engineers Award during the Annual Safety Awards Presentation presented by the Alabama Trucking Association's (ATA) Worker's Compensation Fund. This award honors transportation carriers that excel in their commitment to driver safety and creation of a safe work environment for their drivers and staff.

Joe Booker, Vice President at Hornady, stated, "This award reflects the outstanding leadership of our Safety Director, Wolf Lindh, and our Subrogation and Claims Manager, Debra Allred, for establishing and enthusiastically promoting a culture of safe work practices. Additionally, it would not have been possible without the commitment of our entire organization to embrace the culture. We are honored to have been recognized in this manner. It is truly representative of the combined efforts of our staff and drivers."

The ATA's Annual Safety Awards Presentation honors Alabama Trucking fleets that have posted the best accident frequency numbers for 2014. Categories are segregated by the type of operation and by the number of miles each fleet traveled in the state of Alabama last year.

The banquet was held Monday, March 23, 2015 at Pelham Civic Complex in Pelham, AL.

Pictured (L to R) Wolf Lindh, Safety Director; Debra Allred, Subrogation and Claims Manager and Joe Booker, Vice President.

Talking Money and Hard Driving

Faced with a workforce challenge, this Alabama trucking company dug deep into its own pockets, investing $18 million in driver pay and training.

Chris Hornady, president of Monroeville-based Hornady Transportation LLC, is one of those owners who says he thinks of his employees as family.

But it takes more than words to make a family of 250 hard-traveling truck drivers with incomes slashed by drive time regulations. For Hornady, it took an $18 million investment — most of it in pay, training and home time directly benefiting his workers.

When the company began to notice a driver shortage, they listened to their employees on how to retain existing drivers and attract new recruits.

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New Trucks Hit the Road

George Bendzen
George Bendzen, Professional Driver, with Johnny Clardy, Birmingham Terminal Manager
Billy Thomas
Billy Thomas, Professional Driver, with Johnny Clardy, Birmingham Terminal Manager

Hornady Transportation Invests In Their Drivers

Hornady Transportation announces their $18 million investment in programs geared to retain and recruit drivers. This investment focused at many key areas within the company.

$16 million was invested in new trucks and trailers in 2012 & 2013. The 2013 equipment, set to launch this November, will provide a new image for Hornady with baja beige trucks and black trailers. They have invested over $1 million in training, the training facility, new technology and their home time guarantee. Orientation/training pay was increased to provide a higher compensation for the first week to any experienced driver.

Almost $1 million was invested in driver pay packages. The pay packages are broken down by experience, flat rate tarp pay and a performance bonus. “With the stronger regulations on hours of service and CSA scores, our drivers are feeling the effects of these ever changing regulations and we needed to compensate them for their dedication and commitment to continue to provide great service,” stated Chris Hornady, President.

“Drivers are the key to our success,” stated Joe Booker, Vice President. As part of their retention plan, driver feedback and emails enhanced the response and improvement of current programs. The driversŐ concerns turned into an opportunity for expanded growth. “They drive our change,” stated Booker.

Hornady's growth plan for 2014 involves a focus on more diversification as well as acquisition opportunities. They will continue to add new equipment to the fleet, approximately 45 trucks and 50 trailers are currently scheduled, and continue on their ongoing review of driver benefits. “We will continue to invest in our drivers now and in the future. Our goal is to continue to grow as a company in all areas. The strength of our company lies within the dedication and determination of our staff and drivers,” stated Hornady.