Chris Hornady
Hornady Transportation, LLC.

"Welcome to Hornady Transportation, LLC !

Hornady Transportation was originally formed by my grandfather, G E Hornady, in 1925 with one truck hauling household furniture. My father, B C Hornady, became the sole owner in 1977, expanding the company to 28 states east of the Rockies, with a hands-on commitment and vision.

To this day, we remain a privately owned and operated flatbed trucking company. As a privately owned and operated company we strive to give our drivers and customers the one-on-one service and individual attention necessary for the quality commitment we strive to obtain. Our long-term customers recognize us as a honest, committed, and reliable trucking company. Our drivers know we are committed to them by our desire to continuously improve on every level. The development of a Driver Advisory Board in early 2012 has greatly impacted company policies by improving safety features, reducing waste and improving over-all efficiency.

Hornady Transportation has some of the finest drivers, supporting staff and latest technology in the trucking industry. I feel very fortunate to have such good people employed at Hornady Transportation. Fifty-nine percent of our support staff have over 15 years experience in the trucking industry. We feel we can offer prompt, knowledgeable and efficient service beginning from the first day a customer contacts a member of our Sales Team or Customer Service Department.

We would appreciate the opportunity to evaluate your shipping needs and determine the best way to meet them. Welcome to Hornady Transportation! "

Chris Hornady, CEO
Hornady Transportation LLC

Joe Booker
President, Hornady Transportation, LLC

In July 2012, Joe Booker was named Hornady Transportation’s Vice-President. "Hornady is very excited to have Joe join us,"states Chris Hornady. "Joe will be an asset to our company, bringing in new ideas and with his management background, solid skills to launch Hornady to a new level in the transportation industry."

"Over the past few months, it has been my pleasure to meet many Hornady drivers and staff," says Joe. "I am honored to be associated with them. I am convinced that because of the quality of the individuals in this organization, Hornady Transportation has a bright and secure future."

Joe comments that industry-wide, there is a great deal of parity among the various transportation companies with regards to customer base, equipment, and technology. Joe emphasizes that Hornady’s competitive advantage is with its people. "Hornady’s drivers and supporting staff consistently demonstrate a high level of knowledge, professionalism and dedication to our customers and to each other."

"Organizations that enjoy the greatest prosperity," states Joe, "are those who frequently and honestly evaluate their policies and procedures, abandoning less productive methods while proactively embracing change that brings long-term growth."




Joe Booker, President

Hornady Transportation LLC

Susan Andress
Vice President of Administration

Susan directs the activities of Accounts Payable/Receivables, Human Resources, and Payroll/Benefits.

Brad Bridges
Vice President of Sales

Brad directs the activities of our Sales and Marketing team. 

Rick Powell
Vice President of Maintenance

Rick directs the activities of Birmingham maintenance facility, as well as the Monroeville building and grounds, Road Maintenance and Fuel team.

Lynn Burgess
Vice President of Operations

Lynn directs the efforts of our Operations Department.