The History of Hornady Transportation, LLC

G.E. Hornady, father of B.C. Hornady started trucking in 1925. The Alabama Public Service Commission, as a result of the Motor Carrier Act of 1939, issued him certificate number 647. This certificate was very limited. It allowed transportation of household goods, building materials, auto parts, and livestock within a 115-mile radius and some instances only a 15-mile radius in Alabama. During this time, Monroe County, Alabama was mainly a farming community producing cotton and livestock.

After the death of G.E. Hornady in 1950, the three Hornady brothers: G.A. Hornady, Cecil M. Hornady and B.C. Hornady, continued to operate the family business. The Alabama Public Service Commission issued the brothers a certificate. The family business became known as Hornady Brothers. At this time the Hornady Brothers filed for and were granted their own LTL authority. At this point they built a terminal on Hornady Drive in Monroeville, AL to accommodate this LTL operation. In 1977, B.C. Hornady purchased the interest of Cecil Hornady and became the sole owner and President of Hornady Truck Line, Inc. At that time, the company fleet consisted of thirty tractors.

From inception, Hornady Truck Line filed 167 applications for authority with the Interstate Commerce and the Alabama Public Service Commission. Most of these applications were granted. When government deregulation was pending, the company was advised to file for a broad scope of General Commodities Authority to eliminate having to file so many different applications. This certificate was granted. However, ten or twelve other carriers, fearing competition, collectively stated Hornady was too small to handle such a broad scope of operation. These carriers protested Hornady's General Commodities Authority.

The ICC opened the hearings on this authority and gave Hornady twenty days to show just cause as to why their authority should not be revoked. After Hornady submitted to the ICC all of their shippers’ support, the entire Commission voted to overturn the decision to revoke. The certificate was issued to include all points in the United States. Of the carriers protesting, only one is still in existence today.

In 1995, Hornady opened a terminal in Birmingham, AL. The Company, in 1997, leased a 41,000 square foot office building for its Monroeville Corporate headquarters. This facility is a short distance from its terminal and maintenance facility in Monroeville.

In August 2015, Hornady merged with the the Daseke organization. Daseke is the largest owner of flatbed, open-deck and specialty trucking capacity in North America, serving the U.S., Canada and Mexico. In addition to providing our company with the expertise and resources to ensure that Hornady Transportation continues to be an industry leader in the years ahead, our opportunities have been increased and our potential enhanced as we have moved forward in close association with an elite group of carriers that make up the Daseke family of companies, which includes Smokey Point Distributing, E.W. Wylie, J. Grady Randolph, Central Oregon Truck Company, The Boyd Companies, Lone Star Transportation, and Bulldog Hiway Express.

Over the years, dictated by technology and the economy, Hornady has seen numerous changes. Having been in business for over 80 years, it continues to remain a family operated company.

Hornady Transportation is a customer-oriented company, striving to build long lasting customer relationships. Hornady pledges professional and ethical business practices with customers, vendors and employees. Hornady is committed to continuous improvement in service, safety, and personnel.